Q: What kind of practice is Access Healthcare?

A: Access Healthcare is a patient-focused primary care doctor's office specializing in Family Medicine. We treat what we describe as continuity care - chronic problems, things like high blood pressure, diabetes, and depression. Additionally, we also treat urgent care issues, such as sore throats, cuts and burns. Nationally, this movement is known as a Direct Primary Care (DPC) style of practice - the terms Retainer, Concierge and Boutique Medicine have also been used to describe our style of practice.

Q: I already pay for insurance. Why do I have to pay for my doctor as well?

A: Payment arrangements between the insurance companies and doctors in traditional practices require those doctors to see more and more people in order to stay in practice. This decreases the doctors’ accessibility to their patients, and increases your wait times to see your doctor. To solve these problems, we had to remain outside of insurance networks and Medicare and ask our patients to have a direct financial relationship with us. We recognize that our style of practice is not for everyone.

Q: How does this affect my laboratory or radiology studies?

A: On behalf of our patients, our preferred vendors will bill your health insurance directly in a manner to which you are accustomed. For our Gold and Platinum patients, we provide annual laboratory and radiology allowances. For more information about our plans, visit our Plans page.

Q: What happens if I need a referral to a specialist or need to be admitted to the hospital?

A: We will coordinate your referrals, and you will continue to use your health insurance for specialist visits and hospital stays. Our physician has privileges through the Roper / St Francis network and work closely with the hospitalist programs there should you need to be admitted. During your hospital stay, you will be followed by your dedicated hospital Internist.

Q: So, how much does it cost?

A: Our membership plans range from $100-$200 per month and vary depending on your preventive goals, medical needs, and how well you are insured. Please visit our Plans page to learn more about each plan.

Q: Are the plans for individuals or for their families too?

A: The plans are priced for individuals, but we do offer spouse and children discounts. We also can offer employee discounts if the employer is a plan member.

Q: Who are your patients?

A: Our patients tend to be of the following groups:

  1. Those who are frustrated with the hassles and inefficiencies of traditional doctor’s offices.
  2. Those that desire a more one-on-one approach to their healthcare and who see advantages to the more intimate environment that our office offers.
  3. Those that are consumer-directed (i.e. have no insurance or have high-deductible plans) and are interested in keeping the cost of their primary care down.

Q: Is there parking at the office?

A: Yes, we have a parking lot in the back of our office where the entrance is located.

Centrally located in Downtown Charleston SC.