02 092015

Housekeeping Reminder

Have questions regarding your appointments, refills, billing or general health? For prescription refills, clinical questions, and referrals, contact Kimbi at Kimbi@letssimplify.com For changes and questions regarding appointments, billing, or your personal information (i.e. phone number, credit card, address, billing) contact Julia at Julia@letssimplify.com If you are in need of urgent care, please call our office so we can

01 092015

Pneumonia Vaccination Now Available

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) recently announced a new recommended standard to protect adults 65 years and older from acquiring pneumonia. Our office now offers the new vaccination, Prevnar 13, used to protect adults 65 years and older. This vaccination is recommended for patients who: a.) have an unknown vaccination history of pneumonia b.) are 65

01 092015

Flu Shot/Mist Now Available

Drop by for this year's vaccination (Flu Mist will be available on September 3rd)

01 092015

Introducing…Dr. Dee DiBona

A study in the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists indicated that 46% of patients preferred to be seen by a female physician for their OB/GYN-related health appointments. Access Healthcare has responded to this statistic--we are excited to announce the addition of Dr. Dee DiBona! Dr. DiBona grew up in Atlanta, Georgia and attended MUSC for

01 042015

Pullano Family Medicine!

As of April 2015, Dr. Jennifer Pullano with the Mt. Pleasant Office of Access Healthcare, LLC rebranded as Pullano Family Medicine! We wish her all the best in her endeavors! Questions about her practice and new brand? Please contact her office at (843) 971-9900.

28 012014

New Video

Dr. Dave speaks on the concept of Direct Practice Medicine.  

28 092009

Access Updates, Sept 2009

Dr Pullano answers some questions about the upcoming flu season as it relates to the new swine flu vaccine. In addition, there is information about how to quantify your fitness level with The Citadel's new Human Performance Lab which calculates your body fat composition and Vo2Max. Also, you will find information about the latest in

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