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Why do we do 'by appointment only?'

We strive to minimize your wait time--wait time that is significantly less than other urgent care centers or the Emergency Department. Additionally, we simplify the process even more by not filing with insurance; instead, we will provide you with documentation from your visit for you to file. Our patients have been pleased with the care we provide.


  • "My wife and I were visiting Charleston. I knew I had an eye issue before I left home and had an appointment scheduled with my opthamologist on my return. On our second day in Charleston, my wife looked at me and said, "You have to get to a doctor." It was Saturday. We called Access Healthcare (Dr. David Albenberg). He personally answered the phone. He said to come over. His beautiful (seven-year-old?) daughter greeted us as we came in. Dr. Ablenberg took my information and quickly examined me. Diagnosed the problem and gave us a prescription. His confidence and care was reassuring. I work with doctors regularly and recognize the good ones. As we left his office, my wife said, "That's how all doctors should be. Personal, caring, confident and technologically up to date." I would highly recommend Dr. Dave Albenberg without hesitation. I'd like him to be my regular doctor."

    – Kevin Endres
  • "I was in Charleston for a long weekend with some friends and unfortunately got a rash on both of my feet in the middle of our trip. I called Access Healthcare at 1am after a day/night of trying to relieve the pain, swelling, and irritation and received a text message a few hours later with an appointment for 8am, even though they don't officially open until 830. Dr Dave was personable and efficient in his examination and was able to prescribe me the necessary medication. He even called the pharmacy for me to make sure they were open that early before I left the office."

    – Natalie Affinito
  • "I flew to Charleston last week from California to spend a weekend with my daughter and meet with her wedding planner. I arrived Thursday morning after a miserable red eye flight with severe congestion, ear pain, and a fever. My daughter wasn't expected to arrive until late Thursday evening so I thought I could just take some OTC meds, sleep and get better...wrong! Thankfully, I found Access Healthcare with a Google search for "urgent care". I called them at 3:45 in the afternoon and they were able to get me in at 4:00 pm. The staff was so friendly and the doctor was very thorough. He gave me a Z-Pac and Afrin that were available right in his office. Within 24 hours I was feeling much more like myself and was able to enjoy my special weekend."

    – Dana Gurela
  • "I highly recommend Dr. David. He has really simplified the healthcare process. You get excellent service with personalized attention made convenient. I have been taking my daughter to him since kindergarten as well as seeing him myself. There is no comparison to the experience at other facilities."

    – Ian Sanchez
  • "I was in Charleston as a visitor when I needed immediate medical care. It was suggested that I see Dr Dave, and I could not have been happier. From the moment I arrived at his office, he and his staff made the process simple, professional and very helpful. I am old enough to have seen many doctors in my life, and I have to admit that Dr Dave’s help was outstanding. I wish he had his practice was in Houston where I live.To further help guarantee the correct outcome, Dr Dave followed up with a telephone call in a timely manner to make sure that everything was progressing as planned and made the necessary changes to help me get over my problem.I would recommend him to anyone wanting a strong physician with extraordinary interpersonal skills and focus on patient care."

    – Andrew Bittson